Trip to Never never land

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My first Blog. Hai Hanuman and here goes !! Coz I haven’t been on all that many trips, this trip seemed amazing. Nonetheless, the place we reached was absolutely gorgeous. (In the meantime, I am looking up the dictionary to find superlative terms for the place we visited. )

Ours was a office team trip. Thought out well but not everything goes as planned. Murphy’s undeniable law. Murphy is god (Many of my friends would vouch for his invisible existence in our lives. )

I seemed to have gotten sidetracked by Murphy. Sooo we booked this tempo traveler and it was a night trip to Tadiandamol situated in the beautiful region of Madikeri. It is supposedly the highest peak in Karnataka. We reached Madikeri real early from Bangalore coz it’s just a 6 hr journey. There were absolutely no shops or hotels open at that ghastly hour of around 5 O clock. So we waited in the traveler for about 2 hours or so, most of us trying to doze off. Inspite of that, we had to make do with  the hotel located at the bus stand . Considering me, I thought it was the worst place we landed up at. I was busy berating myself for not getting a dettol or savnol. And I was gonna trek on this trip. High hopes I had.

We set out to trek all geared up once we reached the bottom of the hill that we were about to ascend. It was going to be a overnight trip so each of us was carrying a lot of weight on our backs. One kilometre up and I can swear that everybody was already tired. After travelling some more, the road became less steep. We then came to a clearing from where the forest area started and so also leeches. Immediately, we put salt in our socks. Some of us were already bitten and calling out to dear lord. No response however !! The lord above  had better things to do.

After this, the travelled road became scenic. It was beautiful. and we started taking snaps but let me tell you, the place deserved it and more !!


For the next 2 hours, all of us had fun walking.


Most of us just trudged along but I think the weight of the bags had started taking a toll on us. We had food items and tents in our back packs…After quite some distance, most of us put salt in our socks to avoid being bitten by leeches…Some had however already been bitten..It was wierd just watching the blood ooze out and scaryy…man!! was I  scared. 😦 ..Further along the view suddenly improved and everybody took out their cameras to take their own pictures in what we call as matrimonial pictures… in various poses lol… My sunglasses went around one complete round with many of them  getting their snaps taken..Picture follows..



 STATUTARY WARNING – This is unfinished… mann…am lazy 🙂


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