Best photo display…

Here is a read for all those photo up loaders. I was recently checking out this website called photobucket. It is really quick website for uploading pictures. And the photo display is quick.The UI was just about ok but there were themes and that made it nice.

The reason I noticed this was because I have seen picasa and flickr as the most commonly used photo albums. Personally, I think Picasa is the most used website to upload pictures. However, the view is not large enough and its slow compared to other websites. It basically lacks drama. In picasa, video upload is possible on through picasa software.What a waste! that is..huh..Flickr is comparatively better. The display is beautiful, captioning is available, photo search is possible and photos of friends with picture options exists and they have a cute feature that says hi in different languages on your logged-in home page. I was not able to find the video upload on this site. There is a lot of restriction on that as I remember.

So this made me search up many free photo uploading sites.

One of the first ones i tried was smugmug. It had an amazing UI with the pictures on the landing page changing constantly (ohh so beautiful pictures !!). But its a paid website. It has a small 14 day trial, thats all.

The next on the list was …Mannn I was floored…This is the kind of website that is in your face. The way the pictures can be viewed is beautiful. There is a huge base picture at the top and the rest are below in smaller sizes(can be seen in enlarged mode.) One of the best things was being able to go other albums from any album .After all this when i tried to register, I found out that it was paid and had a 14 day trial period(whats with the 14 day trial !!) .But it is still damn good for viewing galleries.

Kodak gallery and snapfish are also irritating photo albums .They actually require you to create an account to view someone else’s pictures. Who does that anyway?!! As to viewing, the loading time isn’t fast.

Also tried a few other websites but the ui itself disinterested me.
The latest fad in photo viewing and displaying seems to be is captioning or writing a story for each pic. Tumblr seems to do a good job of that. Most photo blogs are found there. Another option would be to create your own website and customize it so that it does seem like another website. More on this at .More on this….Coming hmmm…later .


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