Glimpses of a city I call my own

I have written and rewritten this post trying to get the right words to describe some of my favourite cities.

The sights, smells, the sounds …What make you never forget a city…Things like that…And the quiet little places that everyone knows exists but many haven’t actually seen.

Bangalore is one of the most bustling metropolitan in India.It has one swell weather that I have ever witnessed.  The old world somewhat colonial charm has always existed here. Let me give a head start on some of the places you must not miss while here.

Vidhyarti Bhavan

One often misses this place when visiting Gandhi Bazaar coz its a smallish looking entrance like that of a house. The reason being that this place was originally started as a mess for students more than 50 years ago, also the reason for its namesake.  Over the years, it opened up for the general public. The Masale dose is absolutely yum here. (tasted it first hand *wink*). There is no oil used in the preparation, only Ghee. Imagine that!!! The Chutney served comes straight onto your plate and the consistency is like that of sambhar.

The main attraction that holds any first timer to this place is the way the dose is served. The waiter holds more than 15 plates at a time like it’s a flight of stairs… YOu have got to see it to believe it.  They also serve very good coffee, gulab jamun and poori. Prices are extremely reasonable and the place seems clean enough. The place however is crammed and looks like a long rain boogie. definitely a ‘must eat’ place.

A random Chappal Shop

I know that sounds vague but there are no names for shops in Commercial street. The location is right at the turning before westside and in the lane where pepsi is available to quench the thirst for the shopping crazy people like hmm…me.. 🙂 … The reason why you gotta go to this shop is that the chappals( ok, guys …you can stop reading from here…this one is for the ladies !!)  sold here are way different from the others, mostly has a very rajastani appeal to them. The prices are slightly more than the other shops but trust me, its worth it. While you are there, also get a hold of he guy selling cut mango pieces with Chutney right around the corner… Mouth watering yet ?…Thought so 🙂

Veena Stores

Veena stores is located at 15th cross, Margosa Road in Malleswaram. Just drive down the road till you find a whole bunch of people standing around a small stall. That is Veena Stores for you. It is rumoured to serve one of the best idli-chatni in banglore. The idlis are simly delicious and so is the chutni. I heard my uncle tell me he used to treat anyone visiting the nursing home next door to see my aunt at Veena Stores.

The Kesari bath/Khara bath is the other famous dish served here. They also serve rice items, snacks and beverages. Not to mention the really good coffee.Yeah well, Bangaloreans are coffee loving people..

Amruth Ice Creams

YOu have got to visit this place in order to uncover a mind numbing experience. Well,they sell ice-creams !! 🙂 . Not funny eh !! err..ok!! ..Amruth Ice Creams have been around a very long time and the place has not changed all that much. This ice cream parlour is located off 6th cross, Malleswarem.  There is a park right opposite to it.  You might blink and miss the place, so don’t blink.

One of the most delicious ice creams that one mustn’t miss eating is the kulfi – its is heavenly  at a mere *3 bucks( ever heard of anything you get at *3 bucks these days) . Their prices have not shot up much with the years. They have flavours too mango, elaichi. There are lots of other ice creams available in kilograms.

Pizza Shop

It is no ordinary pizza shop. This is our very own Indian home grown variety. No, I was not talking about vegetables. You get one pizza for yourself ( you could even call it a personal pan) for a mere *15 rupees at this place also located at 6th cross road. Just look for a pizza board to get to the shop. I was initially  very skeptical about the pizza but it turned out to be soft and easily eatable. The topping is the same for everyone and you have to wait your turn with your token bought from the owner, a very soft spoken guy .They also have Nippattu masala, chakkuli masala and the like, somehting unheard of. It tastes quite good too apart from the usual chats .YOu  also get flavours of ice cream here with varied toppings. You also have them selling the corn chats. Its like a shop stop for all your junk food needs. 🙂

*prices might change subject to time and weather .. THe WEather ??!! Well, no..


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