Pinterest interest

This is a quick post on pinterest. It has greatly helped me in organizing the pictures I like. I can create picture sets or boards using my pictures or pictures of others.

I stumbled across another blog and saw a pinterest badge displayed and really liked what I saw. Using this website,  I was able to display pictures I like in one place while crediting the original owner for it. It has a fun way to arrange the pictures and categorize them into different groups.  You can use “Pin” which is a browser bookmark like “Press This” feature of WordPress. You could also “Pin” your pictures on your website and they are displayed in pinterest . You can pin your favorite photos on the internet by logging into pinterest and pinning the images you like on the page . It’s as simple as that.

It does look like tumblr’s reblog feature. You can also follow others and share your pictures with friends on Twitter/Facebook.

Here is my complete pinterest photo board now.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To make your own pinterest, visit pinterest landing and ask for an invite. It might take a few days before you receive an invite since it is still in private beta state but it’s worth the wait !!


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