WordPress Featured Posts and Images

Let me tell you in advance that I love wordpress and all its themes. WordPress also has a steady fan following who after trying WordPress.com for a while move to the self-hosted WordPress.org. The best feature perhaps is the uncluttered look which makes a reader look at the content rather than the many ads that are usually displayed on the blog. 

I am a firm believer that a blog home page should show a snippet of your posts and compel the reader to read further depending on your content and photos off-course. Inspite of the fact that I am from a technical background, I feel that the wordpress has made it complex for its bloggers to use certain features of a theme. I went through many a forum posts to get the answer to how to get the blog to display my featured post for the “The Morning After” theme. It was my first time using the featured post in my blog. I did not find many posts specific to this, since it is a new theme.

Some of the feature selections on the dashboard are all over the place.There is definitely more streamlining required for ease of use by WordPress users.
I have got the hang of adding featured posts and images and will share them with you. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Featured images

This helps in making people curious about the post and pictures speak a million words. So just scroll down the right side of your post page to see a “set featured image” option. The option is below the media gallery. (I personally think this option should be in the Appearance section with all the other theme options.).

Choose an image from your computer or gallery or any url and set as a featured image for your post. This can also be done while choosing an image from the Upload/Insert Menu at the top. Click on “Use as Featured Image” link. Some themes display the featured image on your home page and your post page. Check to see if this happens and if it does, do not add the same image on your post page. The Morning After, Structure and Inuit Types do not display the image on your post page, so you can include the image on your page.

The way a featured image is displayed depends on the theme, in some you can choose a thumbnail option. In a theme like Inuit Type, it shows a part of the complete image and should be a good quality image.

Some themes also allow for Featured Header image. Click this link to see the themes that allow for Featured header image. This allows the featured image to be set as header image for the posts which have a featured image selected else it shows the image available with the theme. This option is especially obvious with the new Twenty Eleven theme.

Featured Posts

There is another option available in posts called Featured Posts. This is different from sticky since it is based on the theme. Sticky posts can be made sticky by going to Publish > checking “Stick this post to the front page” . So, the sticky posts become visible first and then the most recent post.

In certain themes like Inuit types, the most recent posts can be highlighted as “Featured Posts” by number of posts selected in Appearance > Theme Options > “Featured Post Entries”.

Here, if you have a sticky post, it automatically becomes the first entry.

This is how a post is made sticky.


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