This way, Movie Buffs !

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This post is meant for the movie buff in you. If you are one of those people who loves movies, here’s some, no, a lot of movie trivia for you. Try to find the movie from the objects given here.  Famous Objects from Movies. There are a lot of movies on there.It will take you a while. Let me know how you scored. I din’t score that well 😦 

What about Shakespeare at the movies?  Did you know that a number of movies(English as well as Hindi) are derived from his works. Here are some movies that are partially visible. You need to find the name of the Shakespeare story the movie is based on. Click Here. Also check out this website for other really cool quizzes.

Also, let me know if you don’t get all of them from the Shakespeare image quiz. I know a neat little techie trick.  I found out most of the movie names but eventually I got fed up and used this trick. Both the movie quizzes, I found thanks to Rajeev Masand. He is an Indian movie buff, film critic and celebrity interviewer. He has not only interviewed Indian actors but also American actors. Way to go dude !! Check him out on his website here.

What did you think of all the movies that got showcased at the oscars ? Have you seen most of them or is it still on your to-do list ? I haven’t seen most of the Oscar winning films. According to the LA times, these are the movies that should have gained acclaim but did not the past year. Click here to check them out. I gotta get me some movies !!

I bet most people check imdb for movie ratings but they also have discussion forums on movies (helps if you did not understand a movie like Memento) and providing a list like this one -top 250 .The Shawshank Redemption is ranked first,no surprise there !. The Dark Knight is at 10. Heath Ledger’s finest performance.


I found some really interesting questions on this website . I added some questions of my own too.

1) What was the last movie you saw theatrically? On DVD ?

2)Why would you ever want or need to see a movie more than once and which ones?

3)It’s been said that, rather than remaking beloved, respected films, Hollywood should concentrate more on righting the wrongs of the past and tinker more with films that didn’t work so well the first time. Pretending for a moment that movies are made in an economic vacuüm, name a good candidate for a remake based on this criterion.

4) The best movie of the year to which very little attention seems to have been paid.

5) What’s your top 10 of 2010?

6) Your hope for the movies in 2011.

7) Which movies are you looking forward to in 2011 ?

8 ) Do you think the quality of movies these days is getting better or worse ?

Before I go, here’s another Shakespeare quiz for ya ! 🙂


One thought on “This way, Movie Buffs !

  1. Hi S – Gave both quizzes a shot….missed about 1/3rd. Good show I thought and patted myself on the back. Tried the second one, gave up halfway. Just got to say Shakespeare is one tough nut to crack. Btw, I got myself a WP account 🙂

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