Procrastination in action – What an oxymoron !

Oxymoron, indeed. I have yet to update my blog with posts that have been hanging out in the draft section for over a year now. I have some great ideas(that’s what I think) but they don’t seem to materialize on paper or in this case on the RT editor. I think I should go back to writing in journals/diaries. Suits me better like many people who grew up in the 90’s( I am so not revealing my age). I stopped writing just a minute ago and was off to my dreamland wandering and wondering among other things if I should go make some more coffee/tea. Sometimes, I just assume that drinking more coffee will jolt me back to reality and I will actually end up doing something constructive. Bah !! Humbug! You say ?

I was also reading other blogs, appreciating their writing and the ensuing comments.(which I find rather more interesting than writing on my blog). Check out this post on the business of blog commentary .

I have hesitated finishing my posts so much that the topic gets old after a while and the effort that went into creating half that post is a waste of time like this post “My Best songs of 2010” . I recently sent it to the trash bin and it is sulking about my lack of commitment. So, if you are like me..don’t attempt to write posts which are time bound. If you do, finish it before the year is over.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.Douglas Adams

If you are suggesting I read some articles about how not to procrastinate, I have read most of them and I haven’t learnt a thing. I have even tried to move around the furniture to change perspective. 🙂

There have been times when I have the topic all sorted out in my head but when I sit down to write,it don’t happen. I am in need of an assistant or a robot that hovers near my head and automatically hears my thoughts before I forget them. LIke weebo in Flubber.

That will be all for today, Weebo !

i) I think having a blogging buddy which constantly prods you to finish your projects helps. Ouch !!

ii) Rewarding yourself is a great idea although I am unsure of the consequences of this.

I used numbered points to show you that I am saying something you don’t already know.

In conclusion, I want to thank Wikipedia for being there and helping me waste my time. I would also like to say that the answer to everything is 42. Nuff said !!

So, what about you ?How much do you procrastinate ? And what are your excuses.

PS: I am going to reward myself with another round of chai tea. Yay !!



17 thoughts on “Procrastination in action – What an oxymoron !

  1. I read about procrastination on Wikipedia a year ago, but that was a waste …
    and your writing style is appreciably good, why to worry then, 🙂
    leave expectations behind… be happy

  2. This was a nice post! Quite honest, I must say.

    I am a mixed bag, sometimes procrastinate, other times, proactive. Either cases are always extreme. For example, I promised a friend to write a story about our adventures in Nov 2010 … I haven’t started it yet, and have written over 60 posts in the mean while!!

    By the way, you mentioned using bullet points, but all I saw were NUMBERED points. 😉

  3. Hahaa. Cute! I can be a great procrastinator too! But once i told myself i had to write a post, i just did it. Care less bout the environment and just concentrate on what im posting! So that explains why i post 2 at once, etc.. Hahaa. Deng! I gez its juz a disease by ourselves?.. 🙂

  4. Although I just started blogging a week ago; I have also experianced how thoughts; which you think are blog worthy; evaporate suddenly when you sit down to write them up. Seems I too will need to start looking for something like weebo..!

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  6. This is my second visit to you blog. Appreciation for Vegetable Korma got drowned in procrastination, my excuse — you can say I wanted to try it first to appreciate it better :). Well I guess second time’s the charm. Thousand thoughts trail … that’s one crowded trail, I might find myself strolling on one too!

  7. Shil ,

    ” I have yet to update my blog with posts that have been hanging out in the draft section since over a year. ”

    I can completely relate with this scenario. It happens with me also, but as I am still to celebrate the anniversary of my Blog, so waiting period is obviously very much less than even one month.

    You write so well and interesting. Keep it up.

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