Super Veggie Pizza

Welcome to the recipe for the father (“baap” in fact) of all veggie pizzas. The pizza contains pretty much all veggies I could lay my hands on.Its like veggie overload.

Gimme some pizza

Gimme some pizza

Suddenly, the whole calling up the pizza place made me lazy. So, I went shopping for ingredients for my very own pizza. I could also use as many toppings, so the prospect of it appealed to me. Take that, ye pizza places that charge us for additional toppings. Ugh !!

Some colored veggies, parmesan, pizza crust and an oven later, voila “Super Veggie Pizza”. The parmesan can probably be substituted with a vegan cheese and you might wanna not use pesto sauce.






  1.  Follow directions on the back of the pizza base box and preheat oven to 450 C.
  2.  Drizzle olive oil over the pizza crust.
  3.  Put the sauces (Pesto, Marinara) half and half or one over the other.
  4.  Arrange all the vegetables in a nice and neat order. Or
  5.  Don’t follow my advice and just throw all the veggies on the pizza base. (Except the greens).
  6.  Spread the parmesan on top.
  7.  Tear the basil leaves and put the spinach leaves and `basil leaves on top.
  8.  Put the pizza base into the oven and wait around 11-12 minutes till the sides turn crisp and the veggies have  sufficiently cuddled up with the parmesan.
  9.  Remove, cut and serve.

finished super pizza[1]


One thought on “Super Veggie Pizza

  1. Yum! I will have to try this!
    I found you through one of my old posts. Most of the commenters from that day have moved on and maybe you have too. Good luck to you!

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