Hasgtag: 10 LazySundaymorning things to do

I was just whiling away my Sunday when I realized I want to make a list of this. Let’s make a #lazysundaymorninglist.

Things to do on a lazy Sunday morning: (warning ;This idea is a strictly copyrighted thought.)


1. Drink good Colombian coffee.

2. Listen to a beautiful slow song. Mine would be


3. Read positive news. No website for this one. I will leave it to you to come up with that. It would differ from person to person.

4. Make Lavash Kati rolls for Brunch. Warning: takes love and time to make. LInk coming up soon.

5. Listen to another youtube song, this time  Classical Indian Carnatic music.


6. Read a good book. Current book to read “The Dance of Dragons” by George R.R. Martin.

7. Find and browse something new on the internet. Every girl needs some style. I found a pretty lady whose style I liked.


8. If you are feeling lazy, learn a new word and use it throughout the day.My word is “craven: very cowardly”.

If you are feeling less lazy, go for it. Exercise, dance or go for a run.

9. I want me some DIY. Check these DIY tables – http://scraphacker.com/diy-side-tables/

10. Go out on a long scenic drive if you are not lazy to do so and soak in some sun. On second thoughts, do nothing. It’s as lazy as it gets.


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