Hasgtag: 10 LazySundaymorning things to do

I was just whiling away my Sunday when I realized I want to make a list of this. Let’s make a #lazysundaymorninglist.

Things to do on a lazy Sunday morning: (warning ;This idea is a strictly copyrighted thought.)


1. Drink good Colombian coffee.

2. Listen to a beautiful slow song. Mine would be


3. Read positive news. No website for this one. I will leave it to you to come up with that. It would differ from person to person.

4. Make Lavash Kati rolls for Brunch. Warning: takes love and time to make. LInk coming up soon.

5. Listen to another youtube song, this time  Classical Indian Carnatic music.


6. Read a good book. Current book to read “The Dance of Dragons” by George R.R. Martin.

7. Find and browse something new on the internet. Every girl needs some style. I found a pretty lady whose style I liked.


8. If you are feeling lazy, learn a new word and use it throughout the day.My word is “craven: very cowardly”.

If you are feeling less lazy, go for it. Exercise, dance or go for a run.

9. I want me some DIY. Check these DIY tables – http://scraphacker.com/diy-side-tables/

10. Go out on a long scenic drive if you are not lazy to do so and soak in some sun. On second thoughts, do nothing. It’s as lazy as it gets.

One of the funniest articles I have read !!

Doing Jalsa & Showing Jilpa

Ever since I was 14, Valentine’s Day has always been interesting for me, and not necessarily in just good ways. I grew up in Madras, a city not particularly known for its sense of romance. As school kids, Valentine’s day was spoken in hushed whispers and was an urban legend that only some chosen seniors had a clue about. The whole idea of expressing your love for someone to that very someone was a fantasy that had no existence outside of Tamil movies (and the occasional Hindi movie at Melody theater).

So when I found myself in Delhi, surrounded by classmates who had smoked actual cigarettes and spoke of multiple girlfriends like they were pairs of jeans, it was a bit of a culture shock for me. What was even more of a shock was the very existence of girls whose response to non-study related male conversation was not a…

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A “Series” of Quotes from One Tree Hill

I have always been fascinated by series that tackle a theme each week and strive (or so it seems)to send across a message. I particularly like the shows that are based around quotes. There are many such popular series that have used this concept to their advantage. The show wants you to think about every great quote there ever was and weave a story around it. Many characters from the show tend to portray the voice-overs or a specific person does the voice over, the voice of reason. Voice-over is often like narration but it provides a touch of insight into people’s lives and often addresses the moral dilemma a character is involved in. Ok, I stole that line from Wikipedia !! It does sound good though.

One Tree Hill was one of the first shows I watched which has theme based episodes. The title of each episode is coined after songs, bands or albums. Some of my favorite titles are

1. The Games That Play Us
2. You Gotta Go There to Come Back
3. The Desperate Kingdom of Love
4. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
5. Like You Like an Arsonist
6. I’ve Got Dreams to Remember
7. I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness
8. Songs to Love and Die By
9. All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
10. For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know
11. Hate Is Safer Than Love
12. One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning
13. Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You
I like many other titles but these, I like the most. Some of my favorite voice-overs in no particular order are(that sounded like I was giving away the Oscars *grin*),
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Live your life like….

Life Love

YOu are down and out

Your courage has but dwindled

Your shoulders can no longer bear the weight of the world

Your feet are heavy with the burden of your mistakes and predicaments.

You will give up on it all

in  many of your waking moments

and many more  sleepless ones

The gross injustice that is your life

But strength does exist.

It lives in weird places and sneaks in at unearthly hours

And it creeps up on you…Listen to your heart..

Listen to those who matter to you.

We have but one life to live

One life to be brave…

Procrastination in action – What an oxymoron !

Oxymoron, indeed. I have yet to update my blog with posts that have been hanging out in the draft section for over a year now. I have some great ideas(that’s what I think) but they don’t seem to materialize on paper or in this case on the RT editor. I think I should go back to writing in journals/diaries. Suits me better like many people who grew up in the 90’s( I am so not revealing my age). I stopped writing just a minute ago and was off to my dreamland wandering and wondering among other things if I should go make some more coffee/tea. Sometimes, I just assume that drinking more coffee will jolt me back to reality and I will actually end up doing something constructive. Bah !! Humbug! You say ? Continue reading

The “auto” of this world experience

Going from Mumbai to Pune was something I did very often. My family stayed there.  I had to get up real early to get there.I got ready, packed my bags and went to the bus stop.  I waited for the bus to come at its normal time of 5:40 am. Imagine the unearthly hour I needed to get up at.  I did it anyway because in the end, I could visit my family and get my beauty sleep for 2 straight days and then… Ugh ! I didn’t want to think about “then”. The week would start again and so would work. Sometimes, I hated it and sometimes I loved it. This was one of those times I was not looking forward to the work week.

I was waiting at the bus stop alone and it was still dark out. Dark because it was winter and the sun did not rise till late. Did I mention I was cold too ?  It was way too early, wasn’t it? I was cranky alright. Man! I needed a caffeine kick. I waited 12-15 minutes before I started panicking about missing my train. It was a long way to the station. I started to look out for autos. Once I saw one, I waved to catch his attention but he ignored me. After that, I just stood there for a while. Continue reading

Do you give in to the Black Friday Frenzy ?

Is it Black Friday already ? Lately, I get Black Friday stampede dreams and the one being crushed is me. So it got me thinking. Is the sale really worth all the trouble we go through for it ? But then again, I am one of the naysayers.

For the inexperienced, it is the biggest shopping season of the entire year.  Many people camp out the entire night to get the doorbuster(read “bone buster”) sales that starts at 4am when the stores open on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  During this time, the prices of a number of products are slashed for the public. But the effort it takes and the large crowds that gather for this sale does not seem like it is really necessary to do this. And here’s why.

1. The prices of products are reduced drastically to attract customers into the store. But these products are in limited number. If you do not get to them first, they are gone.

2. The second question you need to ask yourself is whether you really need what is on offer. Most products that have lowered rates are electronic goods. We don’t really need these goods, do we. Most of us give in to the craziness of the season and see other people do the big Friday shopping and follow suit. Stop and think.

3. Doing the Black Friday roundup requires a few weeks of effort to check and cross check prices and items on sale. Why not be lazy and forget all about it ?

3. According to experts(on various websites), the sale prices of most goods(not in the doorbuster category) are still the same the rest of the Christmas season. If you feel the necessity to buy them, you could buy them later in the season too. The trick that stores follow is to make you believe that everything is dirt cheap and make you spend on non-essentials. Also, this season, many stores are opening sooner in the hopes of getting the most customers.

4. If you are really big on the shopping thing, then you always have the option of going for Cyber Monday. Some stores like CVS and Amazon are also offering online deals on black Friday.  It helps make a more informed decision.

5. The cold season could get the better of you and make you sick. Ah, that didn’t stop anyone before, has it ?

If you are still thinking of going ahead with the Black Friday sale,  make a list of things you want and go after that. Try not to deviate from your list and carry water and energy drinks. This reminds me of the target black Friday advert.


So what do you think, Should you give in ?