Live your life like….

Life Love

YOu are down and out

Your courage has but dwindled

Your shoulders can no longer bear the weight of the world

Your feet are heavy with the burden of your mistakes and predicaments.

You will give up on it all

in  many of your waking moments

and many more  sleepless ones

The gross injustice that is your life

But strength does exist.

It lives in weird places and sneaks in at unearthly hours

And it creeps up on you…Listen to your heart..

Listen to those who matter to you.

We have but one life to live

One life to be brave…

Pasta Salad with tomatoes, beans and more

I wanted to quickly upload this recipe that I accidentally made. It is so yummy. You won’t believe how much good stuff it has.
Usually bad tasting stuff = good for you and good stuff = calories. This has a lot of good going for it. So, I’ ll quickly list the recipe without going into a lot of details.
Ingredients: Just toss whatever you have with cooked leftover pasta or follow what I used.
Cooked pasta(in marinara sauce)
Cooked pinto beans
Chopped parsley
Chopped onions and tomatoes
Chopped mini carrots
Hummus (that’s where the most taste is)
That’s it. Just mix them all together. Top with some hummus to make it yummier. Here are some more gorgeous pics.

Pasta Salad

Topped with Hummus