Who are you ?

Where is your humanity ?

Where is your conscience ?

Does not your heart shudder at the thought of such cruelty.

Does not your skin crawl with the memory of the brutality.

Does morality and righteousness hold no value to you anymore.

Are you a victim of circumstance or are you willingly committing these atrocities

Would your excuse be that your circumstances are responsible hurting the innocent.

Don’t you wake up at night with the screams of those who lost their lives

Who are you and What do you hold dear ?


What would you do for a moment of clarity in your life. How sacrifices could you make to know where you have to go, who you need to be. What are you doing now to find the means to that end ? Does your life, if you measured it, really have any meaning or are you just living because you do not know what else you can do.

Where do we go from here. Where is that light that we constantly look for ?What is our purpose here.

WHO ARe YoU …Are you like everybody else. ..Who do you have to live up to… What is that you live unto ?

Dont these questions keep running in your mind..there are moments when you think how you wasted the years of your life…Have you achieved something real.. LIke thinking that if someone measured your life, would you think you did something substantial ??

The very fact that i have categorized it under random thoughts when I all I seek is clarity is an example :).

Is your life a purpose in itself, Is it a quest or do you get through each day thinking waiting for the end of the day….or do you live it like there is no tomorrow.

Do you take the easy way out in life. Would you take the easy way out ..