On the road….my dreams of nirvana

Explored! - Moksha - Karma - Nirvana

Someday I want to be on the road,
Driving nowhere fast,
Hoping that the journey will last.
With a full tank of gas
My sunglasses on..and baggage zilch..
Oh !! the adrenaline rush !
Got nowhere to go, got no one to please,
Going where the heart takes me...
Watching miles pass me by and people.
Darkness turns to light ..and night to day,
Times passes by without your say.
Trying to get a piece of the sky,
In my mind, I wish to fly.
Trying to absorb the warmth of the sun...
Cruising along until I reach the horizon
Or to wherever the end of the planet might be..
Am Dreamin' of a picturesque place and
Where the land has sun and sand
And a stillness and some calm..
There I will find...me and my Nirvana..

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